Fast relief for sudden back pain

Fast relief for sudden back pain

Let’s skip all the explanations, here is how to relief your sudden back pain fast!

  • Calm down

Most back pains aren’t life threatening, and eventually resolves on its own. Take a breath gently.

  • Get help

Seek help from surroundings or call an ambulance shall you fall, and or become incapable of moving.

  • Move to safety

Gently position yourself into secure resting position, eg. sitting, lying on side or back.

  • Observe for ‘Red Flags’

If any severe injury resulting from the pain, loss of body control or sensation, bowel or bladder control. *Call for ambulance shall any of the above persist 

  • Analgesics or Painkillers

If no obvious ‘Red Flags’ observed, you may consider analgesics for pain management.

That’s all for Phase 1.

I hope you aren’t severe enough to call for ambulance or need of analgesics.

Calm your emotions, assess the severity, pain control and you can think about the rest later.

If you don’t need immediate medical attention or rest,

continue to Phase 2.

sudden back pain exercise

3 Simple exercises for sudden back pain

These simple back pain exercises are shared with you to regain confidence in your body and gently return to usual.

Always move with control, within tolerance, and pay attention if any discomfort arises.

  • Sitting Pelvic Tilt

Try to roll your belly forward and back in sitting.

  • Sitting Forward Bend

Place both hands on your thighs, gently curl your head towards your knees, then return to upright position.

  • Lying or Side Lying Knee to Chest

If you’re lying on back or side, try to bring both knee to chest, one at a time. Return the legs one at a time to repeat.

There are no best exercise for you to stop back pain forever.

But, do try these light exercises to move again after sudden back pain.

Regain the confident and strength for your body to go back to normal.

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