Physiotherapy in Mont Kiara, KL

How WIF Physiotherapy helps you?

We provide solutions to long lasting pain, find possible causes of your problem and make sure we are the right fit for you.

Pilates class in Mont Kiara

WIF Physiotherapy Method

our secret to recovery and empowerment

We listen to your problem and give suggestions on how we can collaborate.

As healthcare professional, we make honest referral if we can’t help you, putting you as priority.

We’ll start with identifying where you’re at, understand what your body signs and symptoms are telling us.

Pain management can be multidimensional, beyond physical and musculoskeletal.

Discussion about your challenges, career, family or other related aspect may be beneficial.

Physiotherapist have abundance of tools and techniques. We employ manual therapy techniques when needed, addressing muscle properties, joint mobility, nerve sensitivity and our central nervous system.

Low impact therapeutic Pilates exercise that compliments standard rehab program.

Allow more adaptations with Pilates equipment to customize your program.

As Physiotherapist we know when to regress, maintain, or progress your exercise program according to various factor.

We may prescribe home exercise for you if needed. We want you to achieve sustainable results.

Our Physiotherapy Specialty

Lower Back Pain

Commonly felt as spasm or tight sensation around low back muscles. May feel back pain during sleep or work. Especially pain during pregnancy.

Upper Back Pain

Muscle spasm between shoulder blades, stiff painful neck at work, or poor thoracic mobility among golfers.

Hip Pain

Can be local pain around the hip area, deep discomfort or pain on surface. Sciatica down one leg or painful muscle pull at front hip.

Knee Pain

Knee aches during or after run. Jog over slope or pain going down stairs. Dull ache in the knee. Sports injury may include structural damage of Patellar tendon, ACL, LCL, MCL, or your meniscus.

WIF Physiotherapy (Mont Kiara) Team


Movement Rehab Enthusiast

I’m always passionate in how we move and seeing people living their life without physical restrictions.

Rehabilitation Specialist

I specialize in neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, with a special interest in womens’s health and cancer rehabilitation.


Trained by reputable institutions.

Verified and registered with

Malaysia Physiotherapy Association.


Our Testimonials

"I am new to Pilates but felt at ease as right from the first session it was clear that he is knowledgeable and I was able to see improvements in my posture and movement straight away"
Izak Human
Founder - Mybodytalk Malaysia
"Mr.Jun instructor has a big smile and he is a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. He teach me in polite and beautiful English. He really know the body."
Lidia Masada
Global Investment Advisor

Reduce Back pain .
move young again

Lower your risk of injury trying higher intensity training, build foundation strength and strong core control. Our Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor are ready to bring you from rehab to fitness, with aim to prevent you falling from fitness back to rehab.

Pilates Malaysia

WIF Pilates is a Pilates studio that helps those who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle or rehabilitation after a particular minor injury. WIF Pilates is one of the famous pilates class kl where we want to influence others to have a great well-being in health as how we are named Well-being In Fitness (WIF). Serving our customers from rehab to fitness, our physiotherapist & pilates instructors have been trained by reputable institutions, verified and registered with Malaysia Physiotherapy Association. We promise to support every ambitious goal you have, whether big or small and ready to serve our customer’s best interest. We also put our customer’s health, safety and hygiene as our main priority. We always clean our equipment before and after class, practice safe distancing and host one client only at one time.

Pilates Class in KL

Two choices of Pilates Class

At our Pilates studio, we recommend you to choose private pilates class for those who want to have a focus, non-disturbance crowd and have a full privacy peaceful class. You can also choose our reformer pilates class for simple start and budget class, spend quality time with your friends or family and staying healthy

Physiotherapy Malaysia

WIF Physiotherapy Method

As a center that provides physiotherapy in KL, we will identify and listen to the needs of your body before proceeding with any treatment. We will also make an honest referral if we cannot help you as all of you are the main priority to us. As a physiotherapist, we know when to regress, maintain, or progress your exercise program. We may also prescribe home exercise needed to help you achieve sustainable results.

Common Injury, Pain & Symptoms

Pilates can minimize the risk of injury with active training as much as to relieve pain and aches to help you to quit your job as a night owl. You can feel younger and freely energetic with a flexible and healthier spine when you join our pilates class Malaysia. No more having low back pain and stiff neck!

Find Pilates Class Near Me

Our Pilates studio can be accessible at Dutamas Mont Kiara, Bangsar, Ttdi, Desa Sri Hartamas, Plaza Damas, Damansara Heights, Desa Park City, and Duta Nusantara, strictly by appointment only to reduce cross-contact among our clients due to the COVID-19.

Physio Pilates

Meet Our Physiotherapy & Pilates Team

Meet Lai Lin Hui, our freelance physiotherapist who specializes in various neuro-muscular-skeletal issues and a special interest in women’s health and cancer rehab. Our freelance Pilates instructor, Belle Low help our clients to transform, after coming out from depression & being overweight and Yap Jun Xian who has been working with clients on pain management, regain and progress them to higher fitness level.

Physiotherapy in KL

How does Pilates benefits your Mind & Body

Pilates helps improve the flexibility and the core muscles in the body, it also increases your muscle strength, especially your abdominal muscles, lower back and hips. It is essential to improve your posture and improve the stabilization of your spine, so when you join our pilates class Malaysia, you will benefit and find it helps a lot. For your mind, it helps to improve concentration, stress management and relaxation.