How pilates exercise helps in senior care

Pilates is developed while the late Joseph Pilates were helping fellow soldiers to rehabilitate and recover from their injuries. Today, it has become an effective and capable training program complementing varieties of sports and rehabilitation worldwide. Joseph Pilates lived fit and strong into his late years practicing daily Pilates exercises.

Let’s learn deeper into how Pilates exercises can help in senior care.

  • Pilates helps your mobility

Loss of mobility is equivalent to losing your movement freedom. With the assisted strengthening exercises on Pilates equipment, it allows you to move with confidence, from walking, squatting, sitting to standing, and getting up from kneel.
  • Pilates helps your balancing

Falls among elderlies can be fatal and severely impair their quality of life. We balance ourselves on any surface to establish control and sense of proprioception. Pilates guides you to find control in various movements and surfaces, hoping to heighten your senses in fall prevention whenever risk presents. Standing splits exercise on the Pilates Reformer equipment is a good example to master balancing on moving platform.
  • Pilates is a low impact resistance training

Elderly individuals who’ve been sedentary, lacking in strength, or lower bone density factor are advised to exercise to preserve and improve their overall health profile. With lower impact Pilates exercise, it can be the friendly method to introduce the body to loading and new movement again. Once the foundation is laid, progressive strength and loading are recommended, complementing your weight lifting journey.
  • Pilates encourage mindfulness and awareness

Being mindful of your present, your physical and mental state, encourages control. You’ll find your body to be more competent, discover hidden strengthen, aware of weaknesses and train your consciousness. Mindfulness enhance receptiveness of information, this allows your brain to process and make better decisions. Try the mat Pilates exercise, “Coordination” and be amaze how can your mind overcomes it one day.

To sum it up, Pilates can be your new best friend into the golden years. However, a certified Pilates trainer is highly recommended to ensure the best guidance and exercise modification are provided. Even better, get a qualified Physical Therapist who are certified in Pilates to provide the best standard especially for session with elderlies.

I hope you’ll find joy and improve your quality of life with practice of Pilates exercises. With words from the late Joseph Pilates,

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible”.

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